Our Process

A new home represents change.  Change is exciting but can also present many unknown factors.  Concord strives to come alongside and partner with clients to assist in creating an exciting process from start to finish.  We’re dedicated to excellence in all areas, including design, communication, and production.  Here’s a quick look at our process for building your new home.

Step 1 // Let’s Get Acquainted

For us, this is a relational process which is why we highly value meeting with our clients.  This is a relaxed, no-pressure discussion where food is served while we discuss Concord and discover your wants and needs. This meeting helps determine a scope of work, budget, and tentative timelines.  We also pass along important information and make introductions for next steps, such as financing.

This meeting is followed up with an on-site visit where we showcase a home under construction to highlight and communicate methods and best-practices of Concord.

Step 2 // The Design

This step is where we begin dialing into home plans.  This is an exciting process because this is when clients begin to envision and visualize layout and functionality.  We enjoy this step of the process and enjoy assisting with thoughts and ideas.

Step 3 // The Details

Once the draft is finished, we finalize an estimate to present to the client.  We then discuss options, make revisions if needed, and finalize the cost of the project.

After the client signs the estimate, we finalize the details and prepare to start the project.  We work with the lender to pass along important information to finalize the loan, including draw schedule and final plans.

Step 4 // The Pretty Stuff

This is the fun part! After all the construction talk, now we get to dig into making your home yours. At our Selection Gallery, we’ll guide you through every choice that determines the look and feel of your home. Colors, upgrades, styles, oh my!

You’ll be able to see, feel, touch, and choose all the elements to personalize your home. Our designers will walk you step-by-step through the entire process to help bring your style home.

Step 5 // Nuts & Bolts

We’re now ready to build your home!  This begins with us handling the necessary steps to see your project come to life, including plan reviews and necessary permitting.

At our Pre-Construction Walk-Through, we’ll get together to finalize details and get ready to kick off construction! We’ll discuss the project sequence, key dates, production schedule, and review the scope of work.

Selection Gallery

Our selection gallery saves you time by allowing you to visualize selection items under one roof.  This process is fun for clients, but can also be a bit overwhelming.  Our 1-on-1 meetings with our design specialist will help keep the enjoyment in this process while intentionally walking through the selection items.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in our gallery: